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Fluidmaster Company Page on LinkedIn

Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014 | Fluidmaster

The Fluidmaster company page on LinkedIn will now post new product introductions and other exciting news and events. Please follow us on LinkedIn to get all the latest news.

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Customer Comments on Fluidmaster Toilet Fill Valve

Friday, Apr 11, 2014 | Fluidmaster

Reuben, a valued Fluidmaster customer recently wrote to us from California.." I recently bought a fill valve from our local hardware store. I just felt the need to tell you that your product was super easy to find and even easier to install. Thanks for the great product. It fixed my leaking toilet which is great for California's drought."

Solutions for a Slow-Filling Toilet Fill Valve

Wednesday, Apr 09, 2014 | Fluidmaster

Several things cause a slow filling or non-filling valve.

1. After several years of use the seal of the 400A toilet fill valve can become swollen, causing a slower fill. 2. The inlet of the valve or the water supply line is plugged with debris. 3. New installations, if using a straight pipe as a water supply line, it may be extended too far inside the bottom of the valve shank. 4. New installation, the valve cone washer was used with the wrong supply line.

The solutions are:

1. Replace the swollen seal with the # 242 seal. They are available at your local hardware stores that carry Fluidmaster products. 2. The valve can be cleaned by using the house pressure to clear debris from the valve body. Turn the water off, flush the tank and remove the top cap. Hold a cup upside down over the fill valve and turn on the water to the toilet. You should get a forceful stream of water coming out of the fill valve. If no water or very little water flows up through the valve you may have debris lodged deeper in the valve. Simply remove the water supply line under the tank and use a metal hanger that you can straighten, starting at the top of the valve ream out the center of the valve until the debris drops out from the bottom of the valve. If this does not resolve your problem you may want to repair your valve with a new 242 seal. 3. Shut off water supply, unscrew the coupling nut and cut the supply line shorter. It should not extend more than ½” inside the fill valve shank. 4. If you used the cone washer that was supplied with the Fluidmaster Kit on a flexible supply line you have plugged the shank. Simply remove the cone washer and use the supply line as is. If you threw away the cone washer from the supply line you will need to replace the supply line.

Replace Your Toilet Flapper if it is 5 Years Old

Thursday, Mar 27, 2014 | Fluidmaster

If your toilet tank flapper is 5 years old - just change it. The time saved will outweigh the cost of fussing with an aged flapper. Take a look at our product listing to find a similar flapper. Several of our flappers including the 500, 501, 502, 503, 504, 5051 and 555C now come with built-in Microban protection.

If the flapper is under 5 years old check the rubber surface for debris. Wipe slime and/or debris from the underside and seat with clean cloth. If you see warping or waviness of the flat rubber piece then replace it. If you use chlorine tablets in the tank this would be the cause of the warping. Remove the tablet (it damages parts in the tank) and replace with 8300 Flush n Sparkle with chlorine bowl cleaning system. (You need a refill hose supplying water to the overflow pipe for the 8300 kit to work).

Cut excess chain if it is interfering with the seating of the flapper. Makes sure the chain is not too straight. It may lift the flapper from seat. Have ¼” to ½” slack in chain.

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The 502 Universal PerforMAX High Performance Toilet Flapper is a true universal replacement that successfully optimizes toilets with 1.28-3.5 gallons per flush or higher (most other “Universal” flappers in the marketplace only cover half this range). Each type of toilet has unique specifications to optimize its performance. The 502 adjustment mechanism allows the user to meet those specifications to ensure optimal performance whereas other flappers do not. This not only optimizes performance but also ensures that the minimal amount of water is used with each flush thus helping reduce wasteful water consumption.

Fluidmaster’s 502 Universal PerforMAX High Performance Toilet Flapper With Microban® has built-in Microban® protection which keeps the flapper cleaner by fighting flapper breakdown due to bacteria on the flapper itself. It addition, The 502 Universal PerforMAX High Performance Toilet Flapper has a rigid frame to ensure a good seal flush after flush, and a kink-free chain to eliminate the need to jiggle the handle.

Proud Green Home Features Fluidmaster Products

Thursday, Jan 23, 2014 | Fluidmaster

Fluidmaster products are now being featured on Proud Green Home which publishes credible and useful online news and information that enables an audience of homeowners, plumbers, homebuilders, remodelers, architects, developers, product suppliers and others to create more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable homes. Several types of energy efficient and water saving products are featured on Proud Green Home including videos, white papers, and blogs. This is a completely free website for you to visit and we are excited about being featured on their website. Fluidmaster’s Click Seal® Water Supply Connectors, Toilet Flappers with Microban®, Toilet Fill Valve, Dual Flush Toilet Converter System and the Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner are currently featured on Proud Green Home.

For more information, please click here.

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Oprah Winfrey Fixes Her Own Toilet

Friday, Jan 17, 2014 | Fluidmaster

You may be surprised to know that Oprah Winfrey knows how to fix her own toilet! This candid photo was taken recently by Gayle King and posted on Instagram. We at Fluidmaster strive to make toilet repair an easy task to do. Not only do we have all the products you would need to repair your toilet but our products are also designed to save water. If you have never repaired a toilet before, please visit our Fix-It-Zone.

Click to see Oprah fixing her toilet
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Fluidmaster Acquires European Company

Friday, Jan 10, 2014 | Fluidmaster

Fluidmaster, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of toilet tank components and trim announced today its acquisition of the Kolektor Liv based in Postojna, Slovenia. Kolektor Liv has been one of a leading European provider of sanitary ware products, including in-wall and concealed cisterns, under the LIV® and Schwab® brands actively sold in over 30 countries in Europe and in the Middle East.

“Fluidmaster and Kolektor have been discussing a potential collaboration for some time and we jointly determined that this acquisition is the best way to serve both existing and prospective customers in Europe and beyond,” said Robert AndersonSchoepe, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fluidmaster. “This acquisition supports our corporate objective to continue strengthening our core business in the European market, in part by adding to our cistern product portfolio.”

“We selected Fluidmaster on basis of its ability to ensure future growth equal to or even greater than our own strategic plan for the sanitaryware business, coupled with our social responsibility towards the local community and environment in which Kolektor Liv operates,” explained Radovan Bolko, Kolektor CEO. “Fluidmaster shares our vision of maintaining workplaces and plans to further develop the business from its existing location.”

The structure of employees and the management of Kolektor Liv marketing sanitary products under the existing LIV and Schwab brands will remain in place. “We are excited about this particular location as a base for expanding our European operations,” stated Todd Talbot, Fluidmaster President. “Through our discussions, we have gained great respect for the leaders of this business and look forward to fully integrating them into the Fluidmaster team.”

“Fluidmaster, LIV and Schwab products are very complementary and we believe our combined sales teams will be able to grow the business with this comprehensive product portfolio,” said Uroš Likar, Managing Director of Kolektor Liv. “Fluidmaster is poised to fully leverage the potential in our operations, products and people and we look forward to a bright future for the new enterprise.”

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No Leaky Toilets This Holiday Season

Wednesday, Dec 18, 2013 | Fluidmaster

With the Holidays just around the corner, the last thing you would want to deal with is a leaky or running toilet. Here are some 10 simple steps that you can take today to make sure that your toilet is functioning properly:

  • 1. Identify if your toilet is not working properly. Signs that the toilet is leaking include the sound of running water and the toilet turning on and off without being flushed.
  • 2. Think you have a Troublesome Toilet? Perform a simple "leak detection test": First turn off the water to the tank. Then make a line at the current water level as a reference point. In most cases the water has some form of chlorine in the water so sometimes the color does not come out strong enough to color the bowl. In these cases using the marked line to check the water level becomes significant. Keep the toilet off for at least one hour in order to see if there really is a leak.
  • 3. Read your water meter before and after a two–hour period when no water is being used. If it isn't exactly the same, chances are you have a leak somewhere in the house; begin checking in the bathroom first.
  • 4. Be sure to look for hidden water leaks such as pipes that may be dripping under the toilet or faucet area.
  • 5. Fill components fill the toilet from the water supply after the toilet tank has been emptied by a flush. If the toilet does not fill up after it has been flushed, you most likely have a toilet malfunction that is wasting water and costing you money.
  • 6. Any toilet model can have parts damaged by in-tank, drop-in cleaners, containing chlorine, causing rust or erosion. Open the tank this month and take a look.
  • 7. Flush components of your toilet control the release of water from the tank into the bowl once the handle/lever has been pressed. If your toilet needs multiple flushes to clear the bowl, you may need to replace the flapper or adjust the water level in the tank.
  • 8. Start saving hundreds of gallons of water by replacing flappers with the Universal Water Saving Long Life Toilet Flapper (502) by Fluidmaster, which saves water by adjusting the amount of water used for a flush.
  • 9. If you have any leakage on the floor, behind or under the bowl, check out for more information on gaskets or connectors that could solve the problem.
  • 10. If the toilet handle frequently sticks in the open flush position, it is letting water run constantly. Replace or adjust the handle.
  • We at Fluidmaster wish you Happy Holidays!!

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    Fluidmaster Universal Faucet and Toilet Water Supply Connectors Read More

    An Easy Way to Check for Toilet Leaks

    Monday, Aug 05, 2013 | Fluidmaster

    In just minutes, you can find out if your toilet is wasting thousands of gallons of water due to an undiscovered water leak. Here's how: 1) Remove the tank lid, then flush. 2) After the flapper or tank ball drops and the tank refills, add several drops of dark food coloring (or a Fluidmaster Leak Detector Tablet). 3) Wait at least 20 minutes. 4) If any trace of color appears in the toilet bowl, there is a leak - most likely at the flush valve or flapper/tank ball. Another way to check for leaks is to shut off the water at the wall before going to bed at night. Leave water in the tank and mark its level with a pencil. The next morning, if the level of water has gone down, you have a leak in the tank.
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    Fluidmaster’s new toilet tank flappers are now available with built-in Microban® antimicrobial product protection. One of the top reasons for flappers to wear out is breakdown due to bacteria inside a toilet tank. Microban® technology fights flapper breakdown due to bacteria, and only Fluidmaster offers flappers with this extra protection, now in our solid frame 2” versions (models 500, 501, 502 and 555C). In addition to Microban® protection, our solid frame design prevents the flapper from twisting, thereby creating a more consistent, superior seal. Our 501, 502 & 555C flappers carry a 5-year warranty and also continue to be resistant to chlorine and hard water. Of course it’s very important to note that those bleach tablets you can drop in your toilet tank actually degrade your flapper and other critical toilet components and such use will void the warranty for the original toilet and/or replacement parts. For automatic toilet bowl cleaning to fight toilet stains and odors without harming your toilet, we recommend Fluidmaster’s Flush n’ Sparkle system.

    Fluidmaster Customer Comments on Toilet Tank Flappers

    Friday, Jun 14, 2013 | Fluidmaster

    Brian, a valued Fluidmaster customer, wrote to us on June 12, 2013...."I have recently contacted the support team for additional information. I am greatly pleased with the answers to the questions I had. Given enough time and trial and error I might have fiddled my way through the installation. With the tech support I was able to get the job done without having to test several settings. I am confident that the repair is properly taken care of . I have bought Korky flappers in the past but I can see that yours are superior."
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    Customer Comment on Toilet Fill Valve with Leak Guard

    Friday, May 31, 2013 | Fluidmaster

    Robert, a valued customer of Fluidmaster, wrote to us on May 28, 2013...."I bought the 402LGR. I am impresed with the watersaver feature. The person that designed this should be rich, the star of your company. Even if the flapper leaks the toilet wont run! Fixed both toilets today. Went for value not big hype. Chose yours I think it was a good choice."
    Deborah, one of Fluidmaster's valued customer, wrote to us on May 23 from Illinois...."I just installed your Fluidmaster Complete Duo Flush System that included the PerforMax High Performance fill Value System. I was able to do this by myself using your instructional video! Thank you so much for making a product line that not only saves money but offers an instructional video.. I have remodeled my bathroom and I would like to know; Do you offer a rubbed oil bronze Dual Flush Handle? Please let me know, I will need three handles. In advance thank you your continued support.

    Customer Comments on Fluidmaster Customer Support on Website

    Wednesday, May 22, 2013 | Fluidmaster

    One of our customers from Stonington, CT recently wrote to us saying...."This is a compliment. I bought a repair kit at Home Depot and rebuilt my Toilet. Everything went fine - good product and instructions. A few weeks later the toilet would not completely shut off when full. I had thrown all the paperwork away. I went on your website, easily found the guided instructions for diagnosing and repairing, found a small stone in the valve seal and repaired the unit. Your website provides great Customer Support. Thank you."
    A customer comments on Fluidmaster 400CR Read More

    New Page Added on Website

    Friday, Apr 19, 2013 | Fluidmaster

    A new page called "Fluidmaster Advatange" has been added to our website under the tab "Why Fluidmaster". The contents of this page is designed to help you choose the right Fluidmaster product for your toilet repair needs.

    New Product Catalog Available on Website

    Friday, Apr 12, 2013 | Fluidmaster

    A new Product Catalog is now available on the Fluidmaster website. You can download this catalog by clicking on the link found at the very bottom of the homepage. The catalog list all our toilet repair products, access panels as well as water supply connectors together with all the specs.
    Water keeps spilling onto my floor from my tank. Read More
    Ann from Oceanside in California, one of Fluidmaster's Valued Customer, wrote to us on March 25, 2013...."Hi Fluidmaster folks...Wanted to let you know I used your information on the Fluidmaster Fix-It Zone, Do-It-Yourself, and the Water Conservation guide from your website to fix the toilet that was constantly running: the valve needed to be cleared as per instructions on the website. I was thrilled that I could follow the instructions, pictures helped a lot, and the instructions actually worked! I also really appreciated the pdf's of the directions with the step-by-step pictures. Thank you. What makes this even more significant is that the workman was here for 7 hours trying to repair the leaky toilet, after replacing the inlet line and valve stop and it still leaked he eventually put in a new Fluidmaster Fill Valve and no more leaking! However, undoubtedly frustrated, he didn't wait around to see if the valves inside the toilet were working correctly. In the quiet of the night I could hear water continually running through the line and when I lifted the tank lid the water was over the float and running over the top of the flush valve tube. In the morning I followed your instructions to clear the Fill Valve and "Voilà!" a working toilet that fills and stops running! Thank you for the website and for the easy to find information, I will stick with Fluidmaster products as they work and are easy to use. I am looking forward to installing Fluidmaster's leak guard and water saving Duo Flush in the near future."

    Customer Comments on Fluidmaster Toilet Fill Repair Kit

    Friday, Mar 22, 2013 | Fluidmaster

    A valued customer comments on Fluidmaster Toilet Fill Repair Kit Read More

    Customer Comments on Universal Toilet Fill Valve 400A

    Friday, Mar 22, 2013 | Fluidmaster

    One of our valued Customer wrote to us on March 21, 2013...."This afternoon, I purchased your Universal Toilet Fill Valve 400A with the intention of replacing a fill valve that had gone bad. I dreaded the job as I am not handy with repairs of most anything. The installation instructions were clear and everything worked as it should – and no warning tones were set off even though I exceeded the 15 minute installation timeframe. I garnered some additional admiration from my wife of nearly 40 years, which is always good, but I wondered whether in cases such as this you email an official Certificate of Accomplishment. We have just the spot for it - on the wall above the toilet! Thank you for your consideration as I prepare mentally for the job of hanging the framed certificate."
    Popular Mechanics magazine featured Duo Flush™ in its January , 2013 issue. Read More
    This Old House named Fluidmaster's Click Seal® Faucet Connector as one of the Top 100 Best New Home Products of 2012. Read More
    While taking the Fluidmaster Mobile Roadshow around the country, we teamed up with Home Depot and participated in some town Christmas parades in Collierville, TN and Olive Branch, MS. Read More
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    It may not be first on your list of projects but fixing that toilet is an important one! Whether it’s running, leaking or your spouse is nagging you to do something about it because the water bill is too high, it’s time to lift the lid and see what’s going on. Upgrade your toilet to a high performing, water saving toilet in 30 minutes with a Fluidmaster Duo Flush! 

    Read More

    FLUSH N' SPARKLE Voted Best Toilet Cleaning Product

    Wednesday, Feb 01, 2012 | Barbara O'Brian

    Keeping your toilet bowl nice and clean is never a glamorous job, but someone has to do it. It’s a dreaded task that no one ever looks forward to completing. Finding the best toilet bowl cleaner is the perfect way to reduce the time and effort it takes to clean your toilet. Believe it or not, some toilet bowl cleaners are harsh enough to void the warranty of some toilets, due to the damage done to tank components. So, when looking for the best toilet bowl cleaners you need to look for cleaners that are safe on the toilet tank and septic systems but strong enough to really combat stains. Other features like the scent and ability to reduce or eliminate scrubbing are also taken into consideration.

    Read More


    Flushing Can Spread Diarrhea Disease

    Thursday, Jan 19, 2012 | ABC News

    ABC News Jaunary 2012: Flushing the toilet with the lid up can spray diarrhea-causing bacteria into the air, according to a new study of hospital toilets.
    Read More

    Speaking Of Waste

    Wednesday, Dec 07, 2011 | Barbara O'Brian

    A Canadian community-based social marketing initiative for Water Conservation, called The Blue Dot, is getting a lot of mail. We can learn something from the Canadians, who like us, hate waste, but understand that waste motivates people especially well when it is waste that provides no benefit. 

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    Welcome To The New

    Tuesday, Dec 06, 2011 | Barbara O’Brian

    Welcome to the new look of Fluidmaster! We have been working diligently to develop a new web site experience for you, the Do-It-Yourself Fluidmaster® customer, our OEM partners and our International associates. We are very excited to embark on this new adventure, and we hope that you will enjoy navigating our new site.

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