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Automatic Toilet Cleaners

Fluidmaster is the #1 selling brand of toilet repair products in the world....

Flush 'n Sparkle automatically cleans your toilet with every flush.

This environmentally friendly product fights stains and odors by putting a cleaning solution directly into the bowl without harming toilet tank parts. Every plumber knows that there is nothing more destructive to toilet tank components than drop-in bleach tablets. The alternative is the Flush ‘n Sparkle Bowl cleaning system. This automatic cleanser puts a cleaning solution directly into the overflow tube of the toilet flush valve with every flush, so no chemicals ever touch the toilet flapper or toilet fill valve. This prevents the damage that a drop-in tablet normally inflicts while keeping the bowl clean and sparkling.

Not only does it cleanse, refresh, and prevent toilet damage with every flush but it is also a snap to use. Initial install time takes an estimated five minutes while replacing a cartridge takes less than one minute. Available with blue cleansing agents, bleach cleaning power, and BioBalance toilet septic kit which releases biodegradable enzymes to break down household waste and reduce clogging. The next time you think of buying a drop-in toilet tank tablet, do your toilet a favor and give Flush & Sparkle a try. You and your toilet will be glad you did.