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400LSR Leak Sentry® Toilet Tank Fill Valve Product DetailsVisit

Leak Sentry® Toilet Tank Fill Valve

400LSR Leak Sentry® Toilet Tank Fill Valve

Save water and prevent a running toilet with a Leak Sentry® Toilet Fill Valve. This revolutionary toilet fill valve includes a water saving roller clamp to make sure that the right amount of water goes into the bowl with every flush. It’s also the only toilet fill valve with active leak detection, preventing a toilet from leaking without the homeowner having to take any special action. Best of all, when there’s no leak in the toilet tank, it works just like a 400A toilet fill valve, so you know you’ll get consistent performance flush after flush.

  • Automatic "Locking" action alerts users to leaks before money and water are wasted
  • Toilet remains fully operational
  • Anti-siphon, code approved