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400A Toilet Tank Fill Valve Product DetailsVisit

Toilet Tank Fill Valve

400A Toilet Tank Fill Valve

Fluidmaster's 400A toilet fill valve is the #1 best selling fill valve in the world! The toilet fill valve fills the toilet tank with water from the water supply line after it has been emptied by a flush. It replaces the ballcock and is more efficient and easy to install. This is an anti-siphon design-fill valve with adjustable height from 9" to 14". Replace your old style ballcock valve with this better performing Fluidmaster toilet fill valve.

  • #1 best selling toilet fill valve in the world
  • Replaces ballcocks
  • Easy to install
  • Height adjusts 9"-14"
  • Refills quickly
  • Universal fit for 1 and 2 piece toilets
  • Corrosion-resistant material
  • Anti-siphon operation, code approved
  • Won't contaminate fresh water supply