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Flush Valve Repair Kit

555C Flush Valve Repair Kit

Only Fluidmaster has toilet flappers with built-in Microban® protection. The Microban® protection keeps the flapper cleaner by fighting flapper breakdown due to bacteria on the flapper itself. Fix a bad flush valve seat without taking off the tank or any messy glue with the 555C Flush Valve Repair Kit. It's easy to install the 555C, just peel the protective paper off the sealant ring then stick it right on top of an existing flush valve seat. The included timing cup allows the 555C to work on older toilets as well.

  • True universal flapper
  • Provides new drain seat for damaged flush valves
  • Works on most toilets
  • Chlorine-resistant, rigid frame flapper
  • 5-year warranty
  • Adjustable timing cup for most efficient flush