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Too Much Water In Toilet Bowl

The water that flows from the refill tube to the overflow pipe via the angle adapter or refill clip is designed to supply water to the bowl during the filling cycle. Fluidmaster fill valves are UPC (Universal Plumbing Code) certified.

If you find that too much water is coming through the refill tube and overfilling the bowl, we recommend you place a clip or clamp on the hose to squeeze it down part way to reduce the amount of water passing to the bowl.

Refill Roller Clamp for adjusting refill water to bowl.

For toilets that do not require refill water to the bowl, you can attach the angle adapter so that the water flows back into the tank. CAUTION: Do not squeeze the tube shut completely. This will cause hose to blow off from the valve nipple. We recommend you only squeeze the hose ½ way, at the most, when directing water back into the tank.

For toilets not requiring refill water to the bowl, set up the hose connection to the overflow pipe so the water is sprayed back into the tank.