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Water Level Close To Top Of Toilet Overflow Pipe

Lower the water level setting of fill valve.

  1. Adjusting the Water Level

    Fluidmaster has two types of fill valves: the newest valve has a plastic adjustment rod and the older style has a stainless steel rod and clip. The new plastic adjustment is a screw type as shown in fig. A. The older style stainless steel is in fig. B

  2. Plastic screw adjustment rod

    Using your fingers or a screw driver, turn the head of the screw in the clockwise direction to raise the float cup which raises the water level setting. To lower the setting you must first flush the tank. While the tank is flushing begin turning the screw adjustment rod counter clockwise several times. The valve is shut off at the new setting.

  3. Stainless steel adjustment rod

    You will find the water level adjustment clip located on the front of the black float cup. Squeeze and hold the outside edges of the clip and push the clip and float cup lower on the stainless steel link to lower the water level setting. Raise the clip and float higher on the link if you want to raise the water level in the tank. Release the clip after you move to a new location on the stainless steel rod.

Note: The stainless steel link has a crimp or flattened out spot above the water level adjustment clip, and one at the end of the link. If the water level adjustment clip is already at the crimp on the stainless steel link you cannot raise the water level setting any higher unless you raise the height of the fill valve. See (adjusting height of fill valve).

Top View Of New Fill Valve

Side View Of Standard Fill Valve