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507AK - 2" Flush Valve with bolts

  • Repair leaks between tank and bowl
  • Easy to install
  • Universal fit (for all 2” toilets)
  • Universal gasket fits most close-coupled toilets
  • PerforMAX® Flapper adjusts to optimize performance and fine-tune how much water you flush
  • 5 year warranty

Home Improvement Expert, Bob Vila, independently rates the 507AK as the best overall 2-inch flush valve repair kit. Click here to see Bob Vila’s top picks for flush valves: Bob Vila’s Best Toilet Flush Valves

Suitable for 2” flush valve toilets that use 1.6 gallons per flush. The PerforMAX® 2” Flush Valve Repair Kit is a universal and high performance solution to repair a leaking toilet tank. Designed to fit most 2 and 3 bolt tanks with easy installation (3 bolt tanks require an extra bolt & hardware). The universal gasket fits most close-coupled toilets, while the included PerforMAX® Flapper Adjusts to save water and offer a customized water-use per flush. Built from corrosion-resistant materials, with built-in Microban® (flapper), which fights flapper breakdown due to bacteria. This complete kit features a flush valve, a 2” adjustable flapper, a universal gasket, bolts, washers and nuts. Save water and money by optimizing your toilets flush performance.

507AK - 2" Flush Valve with bolts

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