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XS EOS Hydrogenerator

SKU: 7118E-053-P12
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XS EOS Hydrogenerator

Generate electrical energy from hydropower. with this hydro-electric generator, you never have to worry about enough energy. the generator is connected between water supply and float valve. This ingenious hydro-electric powerplant generates energy with every flushing of the toilet and stores it in a special Lithium Ion battery. This battery is placed in the waterproof battery compartment.

Battery power supply: No
Connection voltage: 230 V
Control panel height: 10 mm
Control panel width: 160 mm
For built-in flushing reservoir: Yes
For surface mounted flushing reservoir: No
For urinal flushing: No
Length connection cord: 2 m
Length of control panel: 164 mm
With control panel: No
With pneumatic bypass: No