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8400M-5000 Flush 'n Sparkle Automatic Toilet Cleaning System Starter Kit 2-Pack

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Are you using drop-in bleach tablets to keep your toilet bowl clean? These bleach tablets are the #1 reason that causes a toilet to leak as it harms the toilet parts especially the flapper.

Fluidmaster Flush’ n Sparkle™ automatic toilet bowl cleaner keeps your toilet bowl sparkling clean and unlike drop-in bleach tablets, does not harm all the toilet parts inside the tank.

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The Flush ‘n Sparkle Bleach Cleaning System puts a powerful bleach cleaning solution directly into the overflow tube of the flush valve to ensure no chemicals ever touch the flapper, fill valve, or other toilet tank parts. This prevents the damage drop-in tablets normally inflict, leading to breakdown and part malfunction. The Blue cartridges contains no bleach and is best for septic tanks. Each cartridge lasts up to 3 months. The system was designed for 1.6 gallons per flush toilets. Toilets that are older will use more water and the cleaning agent faster. The Flush ‘n Sparkle Cleaning System comes with a bleach system, and a blue system both with 2 refill cartridges. Flush ‘n Sparkle dispensers can be refilled with bleach, blue, or septic tank refill cartridges. Note: If you have a septic tank, Fluidmaster recommends you use the blue cartridges or our Septic 2-Pack version for refills.
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  • Keep your toilet clean automatically with every flush
  • Easy to install, hands-free cleaning
  • Includes: Bleach and Blue systems each with 2 cartridges
  • Cleaning cartridges last up to 3 months each
  • Eliminate cleaning liquids or tablets
  • Fight stains without harming toilet parts
  • For toilets with septic tanks, you can use Blue, or Septic cartridges

Watch this video to see why Flush ‘n Sparkle™ is the best choice for cleaning your toilet:

You can now schedule your order for refills from Fluidmaster at your desired time frame when you purchase the system. Watch the video below or click on this link to learn about the steps on how to schedule your refill orders: Schedule Refill Orders


To see how easy it is to install the Flush ‘n Sparkle™, please watch this video:

For more detailed information as to why Flush ‘n Sparkle™ is the best automatic cleaner for your toilet, please click here: FAQs on Flush ‘ Sparkle


8400M-5000 Flush 'n Sparkle Automatic Toilet Cleaning System Starter Kit 2-Pack

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