Fluidmaster has videos to demonstrate how easy it is for you to install any of our products and solve your toilet problems. Some of our most popular videos are:

Fluidmaster 400A Toilet Fill Valve Installation Video: The #1 solution to fix noisy toilets:


Toilet Running Continuously or Making Hissing Sound: Flushing Debris from 400A Fill Valve:


How to fix a noisy toilet and other common toilet problems with Fluidmaster 402CARHR:


400AH PerforMAX® vs. 400A : see which fill valve will be the best for your type of toilet:


Toilet is Leaking: Use Fluidmaster 400LSR Leak Sentry® Toilet Tank Fill Valve:


Fix common toilet problems with Fluidmaster’s 400CAR3 Repair Kit for 3″ toilets:


Stop a running toilet with Fluidmaster’s 2 inch 502 adjustable chlorine resistant toilet flapper for toilets made after 1994:


Fix running toilet with Fluidmaster’s 3 inch 5403 adjustable toilet flapper for toilets made after 1994:


We have many other product installation videos that might be useful to you. To view the rest of the videos, please click here:

Fluidmaster Toilet Repair Videos