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Easy toilet installation with Wax-free seal

Are you tired of dealing with messy, difficult-to-install wax seals every time you need to replace or repair your toilet? Say goodbye to that hassle and hello to easy toilet installation with Fluidmaster’s wax-free seal!

Our innovative seal features a flexible rubber design that eliminates the need for wax, making installation quick and mess-free. Not only that, but it also provides a superior seal, ensuring your toilet stays leak-free and in top condition for years to come.

With Fluidmaster’s wax-free seal, you’ll save time and effort during installation and enjoy peace of mind knowing your toilet is protected from leaks. So why not make your next toilet installation a breeze with Fluidmaster’s wax-free seal?

Better Than Wax® seals takes the mess and hassle out of toilet installation.

  • No wax, No mess
  • Can be Repositioned
  • Plunging Won’t Cause Leaks
  • Fits any flange, any toilet
  • No-rust brass bolts & hardware included
  • Seals on uneven floors or over tile floors with recessed flanges
  • 10-Year Warranty

Watch this video for a hassle-free and mess-free toilet installation:

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Here is a video on all the tools you will need to replace or install a toilet:

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