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507UKK073Dual Flapper Flush

Dual Flush Flapper Valve with 1 1/2” Flush Outlet.

Complete modern replacement for old style Flush valve & cistern lever
507UK 1-1/2″ Outlet Flush Valve fits most toilet cisterns
Chrome finish Pushbutton adapts to fit Right, Front, Side or Corner mounted cisterns
Adjust A Flush™ Flapper dials for a custom Water Saving Flush
Light touch operation requires less effort to flush
Easier for children & the elderly to operate, without struggling against a syphonic action
Works efficiently with today’s 6 litre cisterns
Ultra simple maintenance – simply snap on new ‘502074’ flapper if necessary
507UK Flush Valve is not suitable for old-style double trap toilets

Click here if flapper is closing too quickly.

Watch this video if water is running into the pan:

507UKK073Dual Flapper Flush

Download Installation Instructions