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PRO SY080/090 Pro Compact Syphon DUAL Flush Valve

The syphon is fully WRAS approved and has always given customer satisfaction due to its fault tolerance and usability.The syphon is a leak free component – providing the back-nut is tightened sufficiently the cistern cannot leak.

The cistern does not have to be fitted to an external wall for an external overflow, so it is perfect for closet WC’s or WC’s which are in the middle of a building
The overflowing water will alert the user immediately if there is a problem as the water flow can be seen running into the pan, and will cope with at least 30 l/min
Dual Flush
Adjustable Flush Volumes

Watch this video if your toilet has a weak flush, is hard to flush or won’t flush:

Watch this video for siphon installation: