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What to use when replacing & installing a toilet

Fluidmaster’s K-7530-5000 Better Than Wax, SetFast, Secure Cap, Click Seal Toilet Installation Kit is the easiest solution to reset, and reseal your toilet bowl-to-floor fast. Included are some of Fluidmaster’s most innovative designs for a simple and fast install. The Better Than Wax, Waxless Toilet Seal eliminates messy wax for a hassle free install. Unlike wax it can be repositioned and plunging won’t affect performance. SetFast Closet Toilet Bolts offer a quick and simple solution for attaching your toilet bowl-to-flange. This design eliminates breaking off, or cutting of toilet bolts with a self-adjusting feature. Simply twist to adjust up, or down to fit your toilet. Secure Cap Toilet Bolt Caps are a universal toilet bolt cap. With the same clean white finish, but securely screws on to eliminate coming off, and sealing water-tight. The durable Click Seal Toilet Connector features highly flexible braided stainless steel construction to resist kinks, or creases. With Click Seal and audible click let’s your know it’s sealed just like a gas cap.

This Toilet Installation Kit can be purchased directly from Fluidmaster at: Shop Fluidmaster

Here is a video on how to replace and install a toilet using Fluidmaster’s Toilet Installation Kit:

To download our free guide to fix common toilet problems please click here: Fluidmaster Toilet Repair Guide