Soft Spa Advantages

Experience The Unexpected

Unlike other bidet brands that were formed only a few years ago to market bidets, Fluidmaster has a legacy for manufacturing top quality toilet products for the past 67 years like the iconic 400A toilet fill valve. Our Soft Spa bidet went through rigorous quality testing by our own engineers. Unlike other brands, Soft Spa bidet toilet seat has a 5 year warranty. It has temperature controlled warm water and heated seat, adjustable water pressure, dryer, deodorizer, soft close lid, eco mode and night light and many other features.

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Here is what sets Soft Spa apart from other bidets:

  • Unlike other bidets, there is no space requirement between the Soft Spa seat holes and the tank. For example, Bio Bidet requires 1 ½” space. No space requirement is necessary for Soft Spa due to its seat bracket adjustment.
  • It has a sittable lid.
  • The seat can hold a weight of 225lbs – this was tested 1,000 times by Fluidmaster engineers.
  • Soft Spa can be installed on any kind of ceramic bowl as long as it has the seat holes.
  • Soft Spa has a button that when pressed will release the seat from the bracket that makes cleaning much easier.
  • Soft Spa bidet feels like sitting on a regular toilet seat; most of the other bidets are much taller in height.
  • Soft Spa has a 5 year warranty…most other bidets have 3 year warranty.
  • Unlike other bidets, the Soft Spa package includes a new Fluidmaster water supply line that is longer in length as the old supply line won’t work.
  • The built-in heating mechanism in the bidet automatically warms the water coming from the water supply line; you get unlimited instant warm water that is temperature controlled; other bidets have a reservoir that has limited supply of warm water.
  • Soft Spa has an adjustable dryer temperature; some leading brands of bidets do not have an adjustable temperature feature.
  • Fluidmaster engineers let the room temperature rise to 104°F, then opened and closed the lid 50,000 times to test the hinges.
  • The Soft Spa bidet was tested by Fluidmaster engineers in 95% humidity for 120 hours.
  • Fluidmaster engineers dropped all six sides of the remote control onto a cement floor from 2’ (60cm, sitting height) to ensure its durability and proper functionality. It also still worked perfectly after spraying it with water for ten minutes.
  • Unlike most other bidet seats that are made of ABS plastic, Soft Spa bidet seat is made of Polypropylene which makes the seat much more durable and strong.

This is what one customer wrote about Soft Spa on one of the dealer’s site: « Best bidet by far….love the oscilating features….(better than moving your bottom over the seat to clean everywhere) all it needs is the seat to become motion sensored. Love it…better than the BB2000…I know.. I had one also. »

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