FAQs on Bidets

Q. Is a bidet the same as a washlet?

A. Both bidet toilet seats and washlets do the same thing. A bidet is a porcelain, stand-alone fixture with a fixed faucet that you straddle, while a washlet is a seat that fits onto your existing toilet. In the U.S., the word « bidet » and « washlet » is used interchangeably.

Q. Is a bidet toilet seat the same as a bidet attachment?

A. The main difference between a bidet attachment and a bidet seat is that an attachment sits in between your current toilet seat and bowl, whereas a bidet seat replaces your existing toilet seat. Typically bidet attachments are non-electric while bidet seats can be both electric and non-electric. Fluidmaster Soft Spa is an electronic bidet seat.

Q. Why does an electronic bidet seat cost more than a bidet attachment?

A. An electronic bidet has many more features than a standard cold water attachment. These features can include a warming seat, heated water, water pressure controls and an air-dryer to name a few. A standard bidet attachment may only have cold water and water pressure options.

Q. How does an electronic bidet seat like Soft Spa work?

A. Fluidmaster Soft Spa has a 4 ft. electrical cord which is plugged into an outlet which powers up the bidet seat. With the remote control you can select and preset the options you want for a desirable experience. The Soft Spa has a built in sensor on the seat so when you are sitting upon it, the seat activates. Once you have finished doing your business use the remote control to activate the washlet to start your cleaning. Once your cleaning is done to your satisfaction use the stop button on the control to stop the water or simply stand up to stop the cleaning process.

Q.  Does Soft Spa bidet seat fit all toilets?

A. Soft Spa is designed for elongated toilet bowls, however, the seat uses a track to move the seat back and forth so you can get the most comfortable fit. Round bowls will experience some seat overhang but in most cases it is negligible and can be used without overhang interference.

Q. Can I see if Soft Spa bidet seat will fit my toilet prior to purchase? 

A. Yes you can. Fluidmaster is the ONLY brand to offer a free seat template that you can use to see if the seat will fit your toilet bowl to your satisfaction prior to purchase. These templates can be ordered through our website and we will mail it you free of charge – just click on this link to order one: Soft Spa Template

Q. Does the Soft Spa require electricity?

A. Yes. We recommend plugging into a dedicated GFCI grounded electrical outlet on a minimum of a 15A circuit. The Soft Spa comes with a GFCI plug so plugging into a GFCI outlet is optional.

Q. Can I use an extension cord if I don’t have an outlet next to my toilet?

A. Our electronic bidet seat has an electrical cord that is 4 feet long. You may want to consider using a temporary extension cord to reach your nearest outlet. If you opt in for the use of an extension cord, only use those which are 3-prong grounded and rated for 15 amps. The Soft Spa comes equipped with a GFCI plug therefore it can be used with or without a GFCI outlet.

Q. Where does the water come from?

A. The Soft Spa 9500 connects directly to your supply line. The provided T-valve allows water to go to both your tank and the bidet seat. It uses the same water that comes out of the tap and that you shower with.

Q. Does it need a hot water line?

A.  You do not need a hot water line. The built-in heating mechanism in the bidet automatically warms the water coming from the water supply line. You can also adjust the water temperature.

Q. Is there a risk of contamination of dirty water in the main supply line?

A. The Soft Spa bidet seat does come with a anti siphon device (break safety relief valve and vacuum breaker) which does prevent back flow.

Q. Will the Soft Spa bidet seat work if I have a wall-hung toilet where the tank is behind the wall?

A. As long as you have an electrical outlet and a water supply line, you will be able to use the Soft Spa bidet seat.

Q. I may be saving on toilet paper because of the air dryer, but would I not be using a lot of water?

A.  The bidet uses about the same or less amount of water as washing your hands.

Q. Do I need to hire a plumber to install a bidet toilet seat?

A. With a bidet toilet seat, you do not require a plumber to install it. These bidets are easy to install, and since no plumber is required, you can get this device going for under 30 minutes.

If you have any questions that we have not answered here, please drop us a line at Fluidmaster Support or call us at 1-800-631-2011 from Monday to Friday between 5:30am -5pm PST. Our Tech Support agents are here to answer your questions.

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