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400AKR - Complete, All-In-One Repair Kit

Complete toilet tank repair kit for 1.6 and larger gallons per flush toilets like 3.5 gpf. If your toilet has a 2″ flush valve, then this is the kit for you. Most of these toilets were manufactured prior to 1994.

  • It has a 2″ flush valve and flapper and replacement flapper is the 502 flapper
  • Fits 2 and 3-bolt tanks
  • Contains a Toilet Flush Valve with an adjustable water saving toilet flapper, a toilet fill valve, a chrome tank lever, and the bolts and gaskets for installation
  • Chrome tank lever trims/bends to fit, no pre-measuring needed
  • Flapper dials to adjust water volume for a custom flush
  • Anti-siphon operation, code approved

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400AKR - Complete, All-In-One Repair Kit

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