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550DFRK - Dual Flush Conversion System

  • Converts your existing toilet to Dual Flush Technology
  • Uses up to 45% less water
  • Easy to install, Snap-On swivel mount design
  • Retrofits to any 2” flush valve toilet
  • Includes: 400AH PerforMAX® Fill Valve
  • Fully adjustable half and full flush, lever included
  • Easy adjust dials allow you to set the water level without removing the valve
  • 5 year warranty

Suitable for any 2” flush valve toilet, best with 1.6 gallons per flush or lower HET toilets.

The Duoflush® Dual Flush Conversion System is a complete fill and dual flush conversion system that includes the high performance PerforMAX® fill valve. The PerforMAX® toilet fill valve offers 2X greater refill rates with ultra-quite fill, while its water-saving roller clamp regulates bowl levels. The dual flush valve offers quick installation in just minutes, without needing to remove your old flush valve. Optimize water usage by customizing your flush, set higher or lower depending on your needs. Simply use the dials to adjust, while the dual flush handle allows a half flush for liquids and full flush for solids. Use up to 45% less water by converting a standard system to dual flush technology. Save water and save money with Duoflush®.

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550DFRK - Dual Flush Conversion System

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