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681 - Basic Tank lever - Chrome

  • Quickly replace your old tank lever with this Chrome finish upgrade
  • Trims / bends to fit most front, side and angle-mount tanks
  • Easy to install, Universal design
  • Built from high quality plastic
  • Self-tightening locknut won’t loosen over time
  • 1 year warranty

Replacing an old, or faulty tank lever is simple with this universal design. Fluidmaster®’s Universal Toilet Tank Levers are made to be an easy to install replacement for most any toilet. Featuring a durable plastic arm that can be trimmed, or bent to fit most tank mount styles. Offered in a chrome or white finish, with basic and clean style, replacing a lever couldn’t be easier. The Fluidmaster® 681 Basic Universal Tank Lever in Chrome offers a basic, yet effective solution to problem toilet handles.

681 - Basic Tank lever - Chrome

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