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PRO45K All-in-One Kit

** This product is available to Professional Plumbers through Wholesale Distribution only

When you need to replace everything in the tank, you need a PRO45K. It comes with everything you need: a PRO45 fill, the quietest fill valve on the market; a PRO57 flush valve, (2) Brass bolts, non-adjustable flapper, and a PRO61 tank lever. You can get your customer’s toilet working like new in no time. And you have the confidence to know that your customer won’t find the same kit in their local big box.

  • Everything needed for a complete toilet tank repair
  • Includes fill valve, flush valve w/ non-adjustable flapper, tank lever and tank to bowl hardware
  • Complete kit for a total overhaul of tank components
  • Includes PRO45, PRO57 and PRO61 items
  • Code approved
  • Fits All Brands

PRO45K All-in-One Kit

Download Installation Instructions