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PRO45H Toilet Fill Valve

Fluidmaster PRO45H Toilet Fill Valve
Fluidmaster Toilet Fill Valve
Fluidmaster Fill Valve for Plumbers

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The new Fluidmaster® PRO45H Toilet Fill Valve with “New” Bowl Water Level Control is available exclusively for professional plumbers. This ultra-quiet fill valve installs with the same ease and speed of the  PRO45 and PRO45B. It gives you the ability to control the bowl water level separately from the tank and works with more two piece toilets including 1gpf all the way to 5gpf toilets.

The valve comes already equipped with a flow restrictor to eliminate potential water hammer issue with little loss of speed. The PRO45H is set to standard refill toilets or can be simply adjusted for more or less water into the bowl. The PRO45H saves you time and your customer’s money with no extra steps!

No longer do you have to shop around for a specific model or brand of valve. To save time and money, choose Fluidmaster® PRO45H the new “GO TO” valve for plumbers.

  • A Pro Series® toilet fill valve, now with both tank and bowl water level control for a more powerful flush
  • Reduces potential for water hammer
  • Simple adjustment to the bowl if needed
  • The adjustability of the bowl water helps newer, 1.28 gpf and lower flow toilets flush efficiently
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Services all types toilets from 1.0gpf – 3.5gpf+
  • Ideal for High Efficiency (HET) toilets
  • Adjustable dials to fine-tune water levels in tank and bowl
  • EZ-twist height adjustment from 9″ to 14″ to fit more tanks
  • High performance – Top choice for high pressure homes and properties
  • Ultra-quiet, powerful operation
  • Will work on dual flush toilets
  • Restores original toilet performance
  • Code approved anti-siphon design
  • 7 year warranty






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