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Genera Plate for 189 Cistern

White Matt Chrome


Technical Drawing

Achieving a new sense of space and style could not be easier with the Genera plates for the 189 cisterns. Genera plates are designed to complement your modern bathroom look and offer high performance yet water saving features

Product Features
Technical Information
  • Can be installed in every 189 flushing system
  • 3D' design with protruding buttons
  • Easy to press, suitable for assisted living environments
  • Dual flush
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Contemporary design
  • Order Number


  • Warranties and certifications
    10 years warranty, 25 years parts availability
  • Application
    WC installation with Fluidmaster 189 concealed cistern
  • Material
  • Height
    168 mm
  • Width
    243 mm
  • Depth
    24 mm
  • Cistern Model