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Universal Tank to Bowl Gasket

SKU: 6100-035-P10

Universal, Tank to Bowl Gasket

The Fluidmaster® 6100 Universal Tank-To-Bowl Gasket is designed to provide protection and securely seal your toilet tank to toilet bowl. The 6100 is a universally designed toilet bowl gasket that fits most close-coupled 2” flush valve models. The sponge rubber material is strong yet malleable to fit, and provide a superior seal. This product offers a high quality solution to rocking toilet tanks. For proven protection at a common leak point choose Fluidmaster’s 6100 Tank to Bowl Gasket. Not for use in Gerber toilets, hardware sold separately.

  • Reseal and secure your toilet tank to bowl with this universal toilet gasket
  • Easy to install, for use with 2” flush valve toilets
  • Universal fit for close-coupled toilets with round, or hex shaped flush valve nuts
  • Durable build from high quality sponge rubber for a long lifespan
  • Help eliminate common leak, or loose tank problems
  • 1 year warranty