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K-400H-039-T14 PerforMAX® Fill Valve & 2 inch Flapper Repair Kit

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Solve common toilet problems like noisy, leaky or running toilets with the Fluidmaster K-400H-039 PerforMAX High Performance Toilet Fill Valve and Adjustable 2 in. Flapper Kit. This repair kit includes the 400H Fill Valve and the 502 Flapper.

This kit has a universal design, made to fit 2 in. flush valve toilets including Kohler, Toto, American Standard and more. Now featuring both tank and bowl water level adjustment dials, to quickly customize your water use per flush and save.  The EZ-Twist height adjusts from 10” to 15” to fit most toilet tanks.

  • The PerforMAX fill valve and 2 in. flapper repair kit is the top choice to make your 2 in. flush valve toilet run like new
  • PerforMAX high performance toilet fill valve offers adjustable tank and bowl water levels for full water control
  • Fast and easy to install, designed to fit 2 in. flush valve toilets
  • PerforMAX water-saving toilet flapper included to save water use per flush
  • EZ-twist adjustable fill valve height to fit more tanks
  • Maximize your flush performance and water savings with this high performance toilet repair kit
  • Corrosion resistant flapper
  • Solid frame flapper to eliminates twisting and leaks
  • 7 year warranty

How to install the 400H fill valve video:

How to install the 502 toilet flapper video:

K-400H-039-T14 PerforMAX® Fill Valve & 2 inch Flapper Repair Kit

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