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K-540A-015 Universal 3-In. Flush Valve Repair Kit with Tool

Fluidmaster® Adjustable 3-In. Toilet Flush Valve Repair Kit with Red Toilet Tool

  • Fix your leaky tank and restore flush performance with this 3 in. flush valve repair kit
  • Replaces most  3 inch flush valves – Toto, American Standard and more
  • Fast and Easy to Install, helpful toilet tool included
  • Flapper adjusts to customize water use and fine-tune how much water you flush
  • Adjustable flush valve height to fit more tanks
  • 3-inch gasket included
  • Durable silicone seal
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 5-year warranty

The Fluidmaster K-540A-015 Adjustable 3 in. Flush Valve Repair Kit, comes with all the toilet repair parts needed to enhance your toilets flush performance. Quickly repair tank to bowl leaks and save water. An easy to install design that fits 3 in. toilet flush valve HET toilets (built 2005 and newer) and fits most common models. Now featuring our helpful toilet tool, a red toilet wrench, to speed up installation and eliminate hassle. Repair broken flush valves, or simply upgrade standard designs. The flush valve overflow tube is easily adjustable to fit more tank. While the 3 in. adjustable toilet flapper allows for a customized water use with each flush to save. Built durable with a solid frame, silicone seal corrosion resistant materials. Includes 3 in. flush valve, gasket, hardware and tool for a complete repair.

K-540A-015 Universal 3-In. Flush Valve Repair Kit with Tool

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