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2602G-008 Universal Tank-To-Bowl Gasket System

  • Replace virtually any leaky 2 in. flush valve toilet gasket with this universal tank-to-bowl gasket repair kit
  • Easy to install, for use with 2 in. flush valve toilets
  • Universal design tank-to-bowl gasket- For use with Kohler, Gerber and more
  • Use red for standard models, black for Kohler brand, and combine for Gerber brand
  • Includes: Red sponge rubber gasket, black Kohler gasket, 3 bolts and hardware
  • High quality sponge rubber and flexible rubber for a long lifespan
  • Durable stainless steel bolts built to last
  • 1-Year Warranty

Finally a tank-to-bowl gasket and hardware system designed to fit most any 2 in. flush valve toilet. The Fluidmaster 2602G-008 Universal Tank-To-Bowl Gasket System eliminates the guesswork when replacing your toilet tank-to-bowl gasket and hardware. Stop leaks at a common leak point, the tank-to-bowl connection and save water fast. This innovative design features two different toilet gaskets, three steel boles and hardware for everything needed to secure and seal your tank-to-bowl. Use just the red gasket for most standard 2 in. flush valve toilets, use the black gasket for Kohler specific 2 in. flush valve model toilet, and combine both to fit Gerber specific 2 in. flush valve model toilets. Simple and easy instructions are included for a quick and simple solution to your leaky toilet. Built durable from high-quality sponge rubber (red gasket), highly flexible rubber (black gasket), and stainless steel (bolts). Trust Fluidmaster for proven toilet repair parts.


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