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83SGB Replacement Seal for Glacier Bay

The Fluidmaster 83SGB Replacement Dual Flush Seal for Glacier Bay is a direct replacement part for Glacier Bay 3” Dual Flush Toilets. Proven to be both effective and durable. Featuring a 5 year warranty you can restore your dual flush toilet to like new, with a quality that’s built to last. This DIY replacement toilet seal offers a way to fix a leaky flush valve while eliminating purchasing the entire new flush valve in an easy to install model. For the best solution to poor flush performance, get the Fluidmaster Dual Flush Replacement Seal, designed specifically for Glacier Bay Dual Flush Toilets.

  • Replace your Glacier Bay 3 in. Dual Flush Seal fast with this direct replacement part
  • Easy to install
  • Fit’s Glacier Bay Dual Flush Toilet models
  • Restore your toilets flush back to original factory performance
  • Fix common tank to bowl leak problems
  • 5 year warranty
  • An effective DIY fix for flush performance, without buying a new flush valve

83SGB Replacement Seal for Glacier Bay

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