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K-400H-5001 3-in. Everything Kit, PerforMAX High Performance Kit With Tools

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This 3″ toilet repair kit fixes all toilet problems including running, noisy and slow filling toilets.

  • The 3 in. Everything Kit offers all you need to fix your 3 in. flush valve toilet in one repair kit
  • Easy to install, universal design fits 3 in. flush valve toilets
  • PerforMAX fill valve offers the fast and quiet refill, adjustable tank and bowl dials for customized water-use, and adjustable height to fit more tanks
  • Adjustable flush valve eliminates cutting, simply twist to adjust height and fit most 3 in. flush valves
  • Color-coded, helpful install tools included for the fastest installation possible
  • Universal tank-to-bowl gasket for use with most any 3 in. flush valve toilets, including Toto, American Standard and more
  • Adjustable 3 in. toilet flapper dial turns to set water-use per flush and eliminate water waste
  • Durable, stainless steel hardware for a long lifespan
  • Stylish chrome tank lever for a clean finish
  • 7 year warranty
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K-400H-5001 Universal 3 in. High Performance Everything Toilet Tank Repair Kit offers an all-in-one solution to repair your toilet fast, but made specifically for 3 in. flush valve toilets. This complete toilet repair kit includes the PerforMAX toilet fill valve, a high-performance fill valve featuring 2X greater refill rates than standard models, with ultra-quiet operation and adjustable bowl and tank water settings to customize your water use per flush. The adjustable 3 in. toilet flush valve changes height with a quick 90-degree turn, no cutting required. Also featuring the adjustable 3 in. toilet flapper. Built to last featuring a durable silicone seal, and water-saving adjustable dial design. The universal tank-to-bowl toilet gasket is made to fit most any 3 in. flush valve toilet, with a simple two-piece design. Quickly solve running, noisy or leaky toilet problems with one kit made to fit most toilet brands and provide the simplest install possible. Follow the step-by-step instructions, and use the toilet install tools on the fill valve, flush valve and tank-to-bowl hardware. Best for use in 1.28 HET toilets.
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K-400H-5001 3-in. Everything Kit, PerforMAX High Performance Kit With Tools

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