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How to easily maintain a Fluidmaster fill valve

Fluidmaster fill valves are made to deliver years of flawless flushes. Here are some simple steps you can perform to maintain your Fluidmaster fill valve which will keep it in tip top working condition.  All of the parts and product we recommend for replacement in this sheet are available at local home improvement centers. 

Read below for information on:

1. Inspecting your fill valve

2. Cleaning your fill valve

3. Replacing your fill valve and other parts on your toilet

1. Inspecting your toilet fill valve

  1. Look for any discoloration in the fill valve (looking for a bleached or faded type of discoloration).  This indicates age and wear that could compromise the function of the fill valve. In this case REPLACE THE FILL VALVE. We recommend the 400H PerforMAX toilet fill valve, the most powerful fill valve.
  2. Look to see if rust is above the water line and/or rust or discoloration on the top cap lever arm assembly that is attached to the adjustment rod. If there is evidence of rust or it is discolored Fluidmaster recommends replacing the fill valve. If you have a stainless steel adjustment rod the valve is out of warranty period and should be replaced.
  3. Look for signs of leaking at the water supply line to the fill valve (outside tank). Inspect the water supply connector. Replace it if it is worn or over 5 years old to prevent flooding and property damage.

2. Cleaning your fill valve

  1. If the outside of the fill valve has calcium and mineral build-up; clean the valve by using vinegar and an old tooth brush to dissolve and break off the build-up on the surfaces of the fill valve.  Then wash valve with warm soapy water and then rinse with fresh water.
  2. Once a year, or if the fill valve will not turn off, remove the cap assembly and inspect for debris in the valve body seat. Use an inverted coffee cup over the uncapped valve body and turn the water on all the way for three or four seconds then turn off.  Do this twice to rinse out the valve.  Remove and clean the seal and the cap assembly then reinstall.

See video below on flushing (cleaning) your fill valve

3. Replacing your fill valve and other parts on your toilet

  1. Replace the Top Cap Assembly (model 385) with master seal every 5 years
  2. Replace the Refill Tube with Refill Clip every 5 years (model 215)
  3. Replace the water supply line when you replace the entire fill valve. Fluidmaster Click Seal® Toilet Water Supply Connector is recommended: A perfect seal every time without over tightening.

See video below on how to remove and replace cap assembly of the 400A fill valve

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