Repair when Refilling

How to install / Adjust a Leak Sentry Valve

This article will cover how to adjust the Leak Sentry Device if your tank does not refill after flushing.

Read below to:

1. Get instructions on how to adjust the Leak Sentry/Leak Guard or watch the Installation Video.

2. Watch the video on how Leak Sentry/Leak Guard works to prevent water waste.

1. Video for installing and adjusting the Leak Sentry® fill valve:

If the Leak Sentry/Leak Guard fill valve does not allow for the water to refill the tank, we suggest removing some slack from the chain.

Please follow these instructions for getting the correct chain tension:

  1. Turn off water and empty tank by flushing.
  2. Lift tank lever all the way up inside tank and hold it there.
  3. Pull Leak Sentry/Leak Guard chain until it lifts the float cup all the way up the fill valve shaft.
  4. Connect chain & clip with no slack in chain to the tank lever (See Diagram below)


2. How Leak Sentry/Leak Guard works to prevent water waste .

Watch this video:

3. To watch how to connect the chain of the Leak Sentry® fill valve, please click here:

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