Repair when Refilling

How to remove the toilet fill valve flow regulator

This article will show you the instruction for removing the flow regulator from our PerforMax Fill Valves.

Removing the Flow Regulator

Please follow this procedure to remove the toilet fill valve flow regulator:

    1. Turn the water off at the shut-off valve.
    2. Remove the supply line connector nut from the fill valves threaded shank.
    3. Insert long-nosed needle nose pliers in the bottom of the valve and carefully remove the regulator. Se the picture below. Standard needle nose pliers will not work.
    4. Check the regulator for debris. Clean if necessary and reinsert the regulator into the valve shank with the metal washer facing up.


The regulator is optional and will not cause any damage to the fill valve if you do not replace it.

However if you notice water hammer or water resonance occurring after removing the regulator, Fluidmaster recommends replacing the flow regulator back into the valve body as instructed.