Repair when Refilling

Solutions for too much water in the toilet bowl

Fluidmaster fill valves are UPC (Universal Plumbing Code) certified and are designed to dispense water through the refill tube to the overflow pipe. This refill supplies water to the bowl during the filling cycle and is used to refill the water spot that is needed for the next flush. Fluidmaster uses a Roller Clamp device to control water going into the toilet bowl

Read below if you want information on:

1. How to check if the toilet bowl is overfilling with water or to adjust the Roller Clamp.

2. Toilets that do not require refill water into the bowl.

1. Toilet Bowl Test: Check bowl water level by flushing toilet. If bowl appears to be full but continues to fill, the valve may be overfilling the bowl causing excess water to siphon down the trap way. Adjust the amount of water going into the bowl by using these steps:

  1. Fill the bowl with a gallon of water. Wait 1 minute until the bowl water level recedes down and stops.
  2. With a pencil, draw a line at the top of the water level in bowl. Now flush the toilet.
  3. If the valve is still filling and the water is up to the line in the bowl, then the amount of water going into the bowl is too high and needs to be adjusted.

Adjusting the Roller Clamp: Watch this video

Or follow these instructions for adjusting the Roller Clamp:

  1. Adjust the Roller Clamp by pushing down and rolling the pin forward.
  2. Engaging the Rolling Clamp restricts the flow of water to the bowl. Repeat this action until the toilet bowl fills to your pencil mark at approximately the same time the tank water turns off.
  3. The “0” setting means that you have completely turned off the refill hose and no water is filling the toilet bowl.

2. Non-Required refill toilets: For toilets that do not require refill water to the bowl, Fluidmaster recommends using our model 215 Water Savings Roller Clamp with Refill Tube that comes with Hose Clamps.

If you do not have a Roller Clamp device, redirect the refill tube to the overflow pipe so that the water flows back into the tank.

CAUTION: If you do not have Hose Clamps on your refill tube, do not squeeze the tube shut completely. This will cause the refill hose to blow off from fill or flush valve connection.

To download our free guide to fix common toilet problems please click here: Fluidmaster Toilet Repair Guide