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Choosing and installing the best toilet tank flush handle for your toilet

Fluidmaster’s Premium Tank Lever System is multi-faceted and can be installed in more toilets than any other brand on the market. Its durable tank lever arm is highly adaptable and can be adjusted to fit Front, Angle and Side mount toilets.

In addition to its highly durable arm, the Premium Tank Lever system has a variety of seven luxurious solid metal interchangeable levers to choose from to match your bathroom décor; Traditional, Classic and Contemporary styles in Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

This article will discuss how the toilet handle works with your toilet and let you see our toilet handles and questions concerning Mansfield toilets.

How is the Premium Tank Lever adjusted to fit my toilet?

The lever arm can be inserted into the mounting base at multiple orientations and degrees to achieve the correct lift. Its adjustable arm allows it to be installed in side mount; angle mount and front mount toilets.


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Will the Premium Tank Lever work with my Mansfield tower flush valve?

    Yes! The Premium tank lever in conjunction with Fluidmaster’s 5104 Flapper Chain can be used in the Mansfield toilet that is equipped with a tower style flush valve.

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For information on the 5104 Flapper chain Click here :

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