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Instructions / FAQ'S on Click Seal Supply Lines

Fluidmaster Toilet water supply connectors are built with a tough polymer core and covered with a braided stainless steel wire. These connectors exceed every code requirement in the book for durability.

Fluidmaster’s new CLICK SEAL® technology prevents over-tightening which can result in the connector breaking; leading to floods and property damage. The Click Seal® Connector clicks at its maximum torque, letting the consumer know the connector is sealed.

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1. Installation instructions or to watch installation videos for the Fluidmaster Click Seal Toilet Connector or Click Seal® Faucet Connector:

2. Important Frequently Asked Questions about Click Seal Connectors

1. Installation Instructions

  1. Turn off water supply at shutoff valve.
  2. Remove old supply connector and clean all connector threads.
  3. Thread the metal nut onto the shutoff valve and tighten (1/2) turns beyond hand-tight.
  4. Prior to threading plastic nut onto fill valve shank, turn Click Seal nut counter-clockwise until threads align. Gently turn Click Seal nut clockwise and hand tighten until nut clicks. The “click” lets you know it’s sealed!
  5. Slowly turn on water at the shutoff valve.
  6. Carefully check for leaks at shutoff valve. If leak appears, tighten nut just enough to provide a leak-free joint. Do not over tighten shut off valve.

For toilets, we recommend the Click Seal toilet water supply line and for faucets we recommend the Click Seal faucet water supply line.

You can watch this helpful installation video:

Click Seal Toilet Connector:

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the strength of the toilet connector?
(Burst) Strength: Up to 1500 PSI Torque Rating: 15-20 in-lbs

Is the Click Seal® Connector Lead Free?
Yes, the Click Seal® Connector is Lead Free and contains a weighted average lead content of ≤ 0.25%.

Why does my connector click when trying to remove it?
The Click Seal® Connector will only click in the direction it is tightened. If the connector clicks when twisting, you are twisting it the wrong way. Twist the connector in the opposite direction to remove.

Do I need tools to install the Click Seal® Connector?
You will only need an adjustable wrench to snug the metal nut that connects to the shut-off valve or angle-stop valve. No tools are required to tighten the Click Seal® Connector nut.

To download our free guide to fix common toilet problems please click here: Fluidmaster Toilet Repair Guide